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Music Composition, Arrangement and Production

A mosaic is a combination of diverse elements that together make up a new and inventive whole; Mosaic Music is a music production company that is guided by this definition. We create resonant music by blending style and character with emotion and message.

Mosaic Music projects include original music composition, arrangement and production for TV and radio ads, web, film, and albums as well as for a variety of new media. Whether it's a comedic score for a commercial, a symphonic score for a film, or a blues arrangement for an album; the creative outcome emerges from an organic soul and an honest, elemental approach.

A talented and creative team of musical artists and support staff bring Mosaic's work to life. Great music requires collaboration; and working together should always be productive, inspirational and joyous. The Mosaic experience is based on this simple but effective ethic which is reflected in the music.

A reputation is always earned, and emerges with the test of time. Year after year, project after project, Mosaic work has proven to be consistently inventive and professionally executed. Going hand-in-hand with reputation is trust, which Mosaic Music has earned from 20 years of delivering the goods to clients of all kinds.

Rich Rankin

Rich Rankin - President/Executive Producer/Composer

Founder Rich Rankin brings nearly 25 years of professional experience writing and producing music, most of which have been dedicated to building and shaping Mosaic Music. Over the course of his career he has scored for such companies as Microsoft, Target, Sea World, Corona, Bosch, Southwest Airlines, Purell, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Whirlpool, Gatorade, Qwest and Anheuser-Busch. He has a diverse stylistic ability and unique combination of formal and street education which contribute to his versatility.

Originally self-taught on guitar, bass, piano, drums and sax, Rich later attended Northern Illinois University to study psychology and then Elmhurst College where he earned a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Music Business. After college he worked with a Chicago music production company as an associate writer and producer: in 1990 he set out on his own with Mosaic Music.

In addition to commercial work, Rich has produced and recorded award winning albums for artists including Laura Doherty, Linda Robertson, Gayle Bisesi and Crawford's Daughter as well as for music label Old Town School Recordings. He has produced, written and performed for various other recording artists including Georgie Porgie and Kym Franklin. Rich also appeared on the nationally syndicated reality TV show Starting Over, where he produced tracks and mentored upcoming singer/songwriter Audrey Tucker.

Rich is also a songwriter, specializing in roots, rock, blues and soul driven tunes and a few of his songs having been placed in films. He occasionally performs live with other artists, mostly playing un-plugged originals and covers. In his spare time he is currently teaching himself to play mandolin, doing some grass-roots community volunteering, mentoring a college student and renovating his 1880's home.

Fannie FLoros

Fannie Floros - Associate Producer

Fannie joined Mosaic in 1994 and has been involved with the company in a variety of capacities ever since. Comfortable working in both creative and business roles, she is the link between the right and left "brain" of Mosaic.

She earned her B.A. in Communications with emphasis in Radio & TV production and a minor in Sociology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. After graduating, Fannie began working as a production manager in the commercial music industry. She's worked on commercial accounts including Allstate, Boeing, Budweiser, Chevy, Corona, Hallmark, JC Penney, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Reebok, Toys’R Us, and Walt Disney - to name a few.

As a freelance producer and songwriter her talents have helped hometown artists land record deals and she also has songs placed in the Lionsgate DVD release The Legend of Bloody Mary. Fannie is also a vocalist who became hooked on singing and performing as a young girl in her church choir. Her formal vocal training began at 18 and later the bulk of her studies were with noted vocal coach Fred Farran.

In doing her part to support live music in Chicago, she is one half of a two person team that produces the singer/songwriter showcase Singer Spotlight Unplugged.  One of the show’s alums is Lee De Wyze, winner of American Idol 2010. She also performs in mostly acoustic settings, and as the host of her showcases.