• Qwest
    • Generations sometimes collide in the strangest of places, so why not have a little fun with the situation by combining the music of each - into one. The result here, for lack of a better description, is polka-punk; and it underscores the unfolding insanity while also adding energy and excitement to the ad. That's famed Accordionist Frank Caruso playing in the band; tongue firmly in his cheek.
  • Brown & Toland
    • Average people on a San Francisco street, each talking about a physician's group in the diverse and progressive city called for distinct music to set the tone. Here, we wrote a contemporary track with echos of the bygone, free spirit of the area. Jangly acoustic guitars, tambourine and a touch of some backwards electric guitar (thanks Jimi) tie everything together in a "groovy" way.
  • Bayer
    • A roller coaster ride over the cornfield and through the farm needs an exciting soundtrack to bring it alive. A hard-driving Southern influenced feel led by an amped up harmonica moves the narrative and creates excitement. In addition we created original sound design and foley, with sticks, branches and plants in the studio. Our apologies to the voice over guy, who we removed from the mix here to better showcase our work.
  • RGH
    • A very serious topic, a very uplifting anthem. Patients and doctors talk about cancer treatment while our music provides the common thread of hope, optimism and humanity. The music builds to a feel-good anthem with singers lending emotion via vowels without overshadowing the message.
  • Lucas Oil
    • Mud flies, tires spin and motors flex their muscle in this TV show open that called for a testosterone laced composition. It's a melding of driving rock with aggressive orchestral elements that builds along with the images to an adrenalin induced frenzy. We treated the engine sounds as actual voices in the piece, leaving sonic space in the music for the throaty roars to surface and help create a full throttle experience.
  • Pfizer
    • Pure anthemic Americana music underscores the then-and-now tale of the proud, hard working cattle farmer. With a big-sky attitude this piece borrows from the lexicon of grand film scores. A studio orchestra, complete with a compliment of select Chicago Symphony Orchestra musicians, gives voice to this original composition and arrangement.
  • Radius
    • The future of farming is here, and modern farmers are very sophisticated. The music here serves to illustrate the invisible powerful of the product. Electronic instruments and sounds evoke a hi-tech feeling which reinforces the fact that this is the weed protection system of the future. When the visual metaphor kicks in full force, notice the synchronized sound design nature of the music which brings the farmer's field alive.
  • Elkay
    • Stainless steel is clean, smooth, metallic and in this case glamourous. We approached this project by coming up with a sensual composition that points out the fashionable aspects of the product shots. Elegant piano lines evoke beauty while sustained glassy and metallic instrumental textures and a processed whispering voice subliminally reinforce the product's physical characteristics as well as the all important advertiser's name.
  • Kid Snips
    • A unique assignment. The advertiser had an existing jingle that they wanted to continue to use, however they needed a fresh new arrangement. We were able to seamlessly mesh our new kid-rap with the actual end tag of the original commercial to create the illusion of an entirely new piece. Parts of the original track were manipulated (sampled and played back in much the same way a DJ would) and used creatively as raw music material to create parts of the groove.




  • Killian's
    • They never wrote old Irish folk songs quite like this, that's for sure. Armed with brilliant ad agency lyrics, we set out to write a song that sounded as if it might have been sung in the pubs of Donegal for generations; but this time with cheeky lyrics that would hopefully stir a laugh and get your attention. That's honest to goodness Irishman Gavin Coyle singing the solo with authentic vigor and style.
  • Coors Beer
    • This piece illustrates the absolutely magical story telling capacity of an original score when used in advertising. The omnipresent problem/solution ad technique is presented here and played out in the "theatre of the mind" with the help of our score. From impending doom to heroic resolution, all in sixty seconds. The use of piano and strings allow for emotional flexibility and a clearly executed story arc.
  • Sumner
    • Nashville's top hospital is an ultra high-tech facility with people who provide a caring touch. The music here was written for a radio and TV campaign that focuses on this and the hospitals deep connection to the region. We created a spirited piece that is built with some of the fundamental elements of southern music. Along with requisite guitars you'll hear mandolin, fiddle and pedal steel; all of which together form a comfortable localized backdrop for compelling ad messages.
  • Redux
    • This piece was actually part of development work that we were doing on a project which was never finished when we took a different creative direction. But we really, really liked it, and not wanting it to be forever locked up on a hard drive somewhere never again to be heard; we completed the production on our own time and it came out being something that we're proud of. Powerful, tender yet strong, and very positive
  • Silver Mine Subs
    • The old-timey mining themed fast food restaurant chain wanted to extend its image to the airwaves. So we created simple but memorable songs, first in the style of old cowboy songs and later with more of a Carter/Cash flavor. Each song is a tale about hungry folks hankerin' for some tasty vittles. We had a great time researching old folky words that were fun to sing and would further drive home the identity of the stores.
  • Meridian
    • Here's a very soulful piece we wrote and produced for a recognized healthcare leader on the East coast. It's performed by amazing musicians who introduce elements of gospel, soul and jazz with their playing. Its spirit of authenticity provided underscore for a series of radio ads that featured real patients telling their recovery stories. Here we've removed the voices but added a tenor sax to bring out even more of the soulful essence of the piece.
  • Riverside
    • The phrase "World Class Healthcare" is a bold concept and to support it with music we needed to come up with just the right style and melodic attitude. Here, we matched the powerful ad message with music that would support a myriad of health related messages ranging in tone from serious to hopeful, often in the same commercial. Orchestral was our solution; music that speaks to the heart and soul very directly and universally.
  • Little Lotto
    • Here's a medley of four different arrangements of a song we composed for an award winning ad campaign. This one's from the vault, but brought back here for its ability to show the effectiveness of a simple song with great lyrics and how it can be executed different ways with inventive arrangements. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics written by the ad agency offer the twisted humor while the music keeps a straight face by staying true to the various campy styles. The contrast catches the ear.




  • Walk Around
    • Songwriters: Rich Rankin and Fannie Floros

      This song has had quite an evolution. It started as an idea we kicked around, grew into a pitch for an un-produced shoe ad, and has found it's way into a scene in an indie film. Who knows where it will end up next. This recording was performed at Mosaic by the now dis-banded group Slings and Arrows and was produced by Fannie and Rich.
  • Kym Franklin
    • Songwriters: Rich Rankin, Fannie Floros and Kym Franklin

      Kym Franklin is an amazing gospel and soul singer who has moved audiences in the US and Europe. We set out to record and produce a 5 song demo for pitching to record labels but the outcome was a so full and finished, Kym ended up selling them at shows. The recordings did eventually get Kym a deal with London based Aardvark Records.
  • Forest Eyes
    • Songwriters: Tom and Mary Erangey

      Husband-wife songwriting duo Tom and Mary Erangey have written for and performed with several bands on the Chicago music circuit. They're currently working now to craft songs for emerging artists, tv and film. For this project they've teamed up with Rich Rankin to record and produce a series of new songs. Here's a sampling of four.
  • Children's
    • Songwriters: Various and traditional

      Rich has recorded and produced over 60 songs for various children's albums, this is a medley of some of his favorites. Artists here include: Laura Doherty, Tim Knuth, Linda Robertson, Susanna Pineda, Steve Rosin and Stacy Buehler. The common goal for these various projects was to create honest, organic music that would appeal to kids and - with no choice but to listen repeatedly - their parents.
  • Moleman
    • Songwriter: Mike Bradecich

      Mike brought his song to us to be recorded and produced for use in the Big Tree Productions indie comedy/horror feature The Moleman of Belmont Avenue. The track appears in a hilarious scene where the two main characters, slacker brothers on a quest to rehab their lives and slay a monster that lives in the basement of their newly acquired apartment, dream of their very own fantasy music video.
  • Calling Me
    • Songwriters: Rich Rankin and Fannie Floros

      We wrote and produced this track for the Lionsgate DVD release The Legend of Bloody Mary Before production began we were given the script and set out to write a title track to this horror/drama which portrays teen obsession with the time-old cult game "Bloody Mary" and the tragic story of how Mary's puritanical spirit became trapped in mirrors.
  • Giving You Up
    • Songwriters: Rich Rankin and Fannie Floros

      The amazing Nicholas Barron sang this demo of one of our songs and we just fell in love with his interpretation. When we play this live we borrow from his performance that showed us what this song could be.
  • Mourn
    • Songwriters: Rich Rankin and Fannie Floros

      We wrote and produced this track for the Lionsgate DVD release The Legend of Bloody Mary. At a critical scene where many characters were each dealing with different kinds of loss, the music provided a dramatic introspective breath.




  • Organ-ic
    • Fun with our own Hammond parlor organ which has some throwback tones and cheesy pre-programmed rhythm loops that are one of a kind.
  • Clap Happy
    • When we work on ad music we always come up with a few creative options early on and then collaborate with clients on a chosen path. So inevitably there are those gems that get left behind. Here's one we had way too much of a good time making. Listen for the old Farfisa organ and super cool Elvis Costello inspired bass line.
  • Circus
    • This is a piece of circusy New Orleans influenced music that we did for a radio show. It's meant to be odd, quirky, and more than a bit irreverent.
  • Spy Jazz
    • Curious, cool and snappy. Got some new upright bass samples and wanted to try them out for a spin.
  • Conguitar
    • An exploration of rhythm featuring congas and guitars, with a smattering of strings, electric piano and other seasonings.
  • Daywoo
    • A friend of a friend was looking for a '90's influenced synth/dance track for a short film. We remembered an old track we had made for grins years back, dusted it off and with input from the director turned it into this track that he used in the film Carpe Millennium.
  • Navistar
    • We wrote, arranged and produced this original score for a film that toured with vehicle manufacturer Navistar at US auto shows showing their products proudly transporting the people of a great country. The film included scenes of cross country trucks, military vehicles and school buses.
  • Quaker
    • We took a trip back to the frolicy 1950's for this piece. A campy arrangement that's part Broadway musical and part vintage commercial jingle did the trick. We even used antique microphones, wore skinny black ties, smoked till the air was thick and drank lots of black coffee in the studio. Everything worked out 'peachy keen.'
  • Swing
    • This one is one of our classic favorites. It was used in a TV campaign that featured a retiree who spent lots of time on the golf course showing he still had his "swing" in his 80's. Swing music - golf swing - get it? Working with a big band of seasoned jazz players was an absolute joy.