Mosaic Music is located in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago along the border of Wicker Park, a uniquely bohemian neighborhood filled with great food, music and art. The space is anchored by a private, fully digital, professional recording studio with a 16' x 24' live room, 18' x 20' control room, and also houses a lounge, kitchen and a reception area. The studio environment plays a tremendous role in shaping Mosaic's music by offering a relaxed place full of musical toys, creature comforts and ample sunlight.

For you techie types: The audio recording platform is Logic Pro on Macintosh through a Mackie D8B console. Monitors are Genelec 1038A and Mackie HR824. DAW, software synthesizers, samplers, and drum loops/samples are primarily via Logic, Pro Tools, Vienna Instruments, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Miroslav Vitous, ILIO and Reason. Music instruments include; Yamaha KX88, Korg 01/W, Hammond parlor organ, acoustic and electric guitars, a vintage mandolin and 12 string, and a wide variety of hand percussion instruments from around the world. Audio plugin are mostly by Waves, Pro Tools and Logic, and other key equipment includes Universal Audio 2-610, Focusrite ISA428, MOTU 896, with additional gear by Digidesign, Sony, Alesis, Line6, Fender and Lexicon. Mics include Neumann U87 & KM184, AKG 414, D-112 and C1000S, Royer R-121, Sennheiser 421, Shure SM58 and EVPL91A.

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